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10 May 2018 /
TensorFlow serving can handle a variable batch size when doing predictions. I never understood how to configure this and also the shape of the results returned. Finally figuring this out, here’s the changes to our previous serving setup to accept a variable number of images to classify for our model. Serving input function First thing is to update our serving input receiver function placeholder. In the past we had set the placeholder to have a shape of [1], for variable batch size, this is as easy as setting it to [None].
Here we’ll look at exporting our previously trained dog and cat classifier and call that with local or remote files to test it out. To do this, I’ll use TensorFlow Serving in a docker container and use a python client to call to the remote host. _Update 12th June, 2018: I used the gRPC interface here, but TensorFlow serving now has a REST API that could be beneficial or of more interest_