Past Events

I love learning new things and following that up with teaching others. This normally comes over coffee or meetups, but if it’s speaking then I’m always willing to give it a go.

Rise of the Bots

Skills of the Modern Age (SOMA) held a community lunch in Perth to explore the rising proliferation of bots, as they redefine how customers and businesses interact. Speaking alongside university students demonstrating as well as Busybot, I presented how Machine Learning is used (and also equally not required) when developing bots.

Big Data Empowering Entrepreneurship

As part of Big Data Week 2017 The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and CORE hosted an event titled Big Data Empowering Entrepreneurship and asked me to speak. The event was recorded and was a great chance to break down some of the barriers that people see in when and if they can use ‘Big Data’.

Credit to Niche Interview for the recording