Simple script to bump the build number of my Xcode project on each Archive. The version number I am leaving as a manual change for the moment, but each time I release a build to testers, I want the build to change and a commit message for the change. In Xcode from the menu go to Product -> Scheme -> Edit Scheme On the side, expand the Arhive build and select Pre-actions. Read the post
I recently completed Stanford Machine Learning on Coursera taught by Andrew Ng. It is a fantastic course for anyone interested, plus it’s free! The course uses MATLAB or Octave for the programming assignments. With the release of Azure Machine Learning, this seemed like a good exercise to reimplement these assignments on Azure ML to learn the tool. Creating an Azure ML Workspace To get started, you will need an Azure subscription. Read the post
Ever since watching the session ‘What’s New in Table and Collection Views’ from WWDC 2014, I have tried to create all of my tables and collections use self-sizing and update for dynamic typing. Straight from the presentation, this sums up a pretty good motivation: This strategy is really going to improve the way that we architect our table views, number 1, because you can encapsulate logic right in the cells, and 2, the fact that you can do that will make it so much easier to have cells that are not a hard coded compile time known height which means you can easily adopt the dynamic font changes. Read the post